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Express yourself in a Fiat, using our state-of-the-art Doogma Designer™.

Doogma is proud to present you with the sensational personalization feature, allowing you to completely transform your Fiat car in a matter of minutes. Start by clicking on the ‘Express Yourself’ page. Here, you will be presented with an image of a Fiat car, with which you can begin accessorizing as you so choose. Firstly, there is the option to alter the color of your Fiat, by browsing through...

Custom made caskets brought to you by Doogma.

Although no one enjoy the thought of life coming to an end, unfortunately this is an inevitable factor of life that we all must endure at some stage. As painful as the thought may be, plans must be put into action in order for life to move forwards once again. Choosing an open casket is the perfect way to say goodbye to a departed one, on a more personal...

Here is an example of the NeoSports customization tool.

Get your very own HardCore, personalized sports equipment today!

Neo Sports are on a clear cut mission; to provide you with the finest sporting equipment money can buy, while providing you with a fresh and original edge. Neo Sports offer their customers only the highest-quality, top of the range sports & athletics equipment, guaranteed to stand head and shoulders above the rest. All products in the innovative HardCore range are incredibly durable, to ensure wear for a number...

Sell Custom Made Items Online – New Designers and Pricing Plans

In the near future, we’ll officially be launching our new hosted solution. Learning from the best, we have understood that the most convenient way to offer new services on the Internet is to provide a hosted offering with a low monthly fee. This new solution means that adding an online configurator or designer to your site is now really easy. Send Doogma your images, we’ll prepare the online designer...

Basketball Team Uniform Builder

This basketball team uniform builder shows off some of the great new features of the Doogma Configurator: Rich Text Editing – Add Team and Player Names in the font of your choice Upload Images – Upload your team logo directly from your computer And try it out yourself: Basketball Team Uniform Configurator

Woodcraft Inc. chooses Doogma Configurator

We’re very proud of the Pen Designer we created for Woodcraft Inc. Now being used online and in Woodcraft stores throughout the USA. This product configurator has tens of thousands of permutations but still offers fantastic performance. Watch Scott Phillips using it with a touch-screen: And try it out yourself: Visit Woodcraft Site Here See: Press Release Here

Current Configurator Projects

In addition to the recent launch of, we’re currently working on some new and exciting Configurator projects: a. a new site for configuring and creating trophies and awards b. a Create Your Own Pen configurator for a major DIY chain and c. a Create Your Own Collar Configurator for a major player in the market