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Wall Street Journal says ”Custom Is Customary”

‘Custom’ Is Customary According to the WSJ, AUg 26th 2010: Entrepreneurs See Rise in Demand for Made-to-Order Goods Customized goods appeal in particular to younger customers who have grown up with personalized ring tones, avatars and the like, businesses say. “It’s almost a base expectation that a product should be tailored to one’s personality,” says Avery Pack, founder of, a custom bicycle manufacturer in Dania Beach, Fla. more...

New Guitar Configurator on Doogma

Take a look at the newest web based configurator on doogma, Customize your Own Guitar. Many thanks to Leo Lospennato from for his help in designing the guitars used in this configurator. Want to buy a custom made guitar? Configure it on Doogma and buy it from Leo. Do you build guitars and want a configurator for your site or a complete ecommerce site where you can sell...

Turnkey Ecommerce Solution for Small Custom Make Businesses – Coming Soon

We are working on integration with one of the popular open-source ecommerce platforms. This will enable Doogma to offer a complete turnkey solution for your business. If you make custom made or make-to-order products and want to sell them online using doogma’s easy and fun online configurator, please contact us today for our special introductory offer.

Congratulations to the Winner

We have a winner of the first “design for doogma” competition. R. Cherubin of Brooklyn, New York took the photo of the vintage Ford Mustang and shows us how easy it is to spruce up the car with a few changes to the bodywork, coloring and some decals. Click Here to customize the Mustang.

Best Content for Competition Launched

We’re looking to add quality designs and creative content to doogma. We’re also thinking how to create some buzz amongst the designer community. So we launched our first “Design for doogma” contest on 99designs. If you have a great design for us, why not enter the competition?

Fashion – Choose your Colors

Just added a demo showing how Doogma can be used for fashion applications. See what she looks like with a darker skin, color the clothes or add some Jewelry. Try it out.