Get your very own HardCore, personalized sports equipment today!

Neo Sports are on a clear cut mission; to provide you with the finest sporting equipment money can buy, while providing you with a fresh and original edge. Neo Sports offer their customers only the highest-quality, top of the range sports & athletics equipment, guaranteed to stand head and shoulders above the rest. All products in the innovative HardCore range are incredibly durable, to ensure wear for a number of years to come.

But what’s so special about Neo Sports equipment? We hear you ask.

Here is an example of the NeoSports customization tool.

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The difference between Neo Sports and other sport equipment retailers, is that there is the option to fully customize your team’s uniforms, making them really stand out from the crowd. The easy-to-use custom designer, brought to you by Doogma, is all you need to get started. Simply choose from the list of products, whether it be Football Jerseys, Basketball, Jersey’s, Football pants or Basketball shorts. Once this has been selected, simply browse through the extensive range of vibrant color variations, and choose the look that you believe will go best for your team. Next, you have the option to choose which text you will be needing printing on the backs of the jerseys or sportswear. Check out this state-of-the-art customizer tool yourself and view all the great possibilities. This incredible innovation is one of the reasons why Neo Sports have quickly risen to the top of favored sport retailers among many athletes.

Neo Sports; changing the way players play the game.

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