Sportsdecal® Improves Customer Shopping Experience While Reducing Costs

Doogma is excited to announce its latest sports apparel client, Sportsdecal®, a provider of branded sports paraphernalia for over 40 years. This past June, Sportsdecal® rolled out a completely custom-developed ecommerce solution, built for it by Doogma, that offers its customers a simpler and more personal online experience. The Doogma Designer™ developed for the sports product ecommerce site enables users to easily design and customize t-shirts.

An Unparalleled Buyer Experience: Easy Customization

Sports DecalsBefore implementing the Doogma solution, customizing a t-shirt on the Sportsdecal® site required using a complex design process suited only for patient and advanced users. The process was often confusing, resulting in most buyers opting to call in or use online chat to place their orders. In the first month of the Doogma t-shirt customization designer roll-out, Sportsdecal® experienced a major shift in how its buyers are placing their t-shirt orders. Many are moving to the more efficient online purchase process and away from the more costly phone and chat orders.

Using the Doogma Designer, the shopper now goes through a visual, step-by-step design process that strikes just the right balance between ease and customization. Visitors are shown a full range of design options so they can create a truly customized t-shirt using an easy and intuitive design process – no graphic arts background needed.

Stellar Design

There were other buyer frustrations with the previous online design process that spurred Sportsdecal® to find an enhanced customization tool for their ecommerce site. The design options were more limited on their previous site. In contrast, the Doogma Designer enables the Sportsdecal® graphic team to exercise their full creativity in response to their buyers’ needs, making their design options a set of unique products in their own right.

A further shortcoming of the previous t-shirt personalization function was that users couldn’t see a full rendition of how their customized t-shirt would actually look.

Today with the Doogma Designer product, they can see a high quality WYSIWG graphic representation of exactly what they’re ordering before committing to the purchase.

Bobby Rudenza, Senior IT Manager at Sportsdecal®, explains the value of this one-two punch:

“With Doogma running on our site, we’re providing a fully customizable online order experience where users can customize and see their products before they’re ordering. This gives us a big advantage over our competitors.”

The Other Easy Process → Working with Doogma

This first phase of the Sportsdecal®/Doogma relationship took around 3 months from project scope to roll out. According to Rudenza, Doogma and Sportsdecal® communicated easily and beneficially with each other from the start, both about business needs and technical options.

“Dan and the rest of the Doogma team understood what we were trying to achieve from the get-go. They were constantly looking to see how they could help improve and implement our vision.”

Due to the quick success they’ve had with their site’s customized Doogma Designer, Sportsdecal® already has plans to expand the relationship. Now that they’ve tackled t-shirts, one of their largest revenue sources, they’re working with Doogma to build another online design tool to provide the same efficient, easy, customization experience to online purchasers of mini-helmets and decals; another high volume sales item for Sportsdecal®.

Click here to see the Doogma Designer™ in action.

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