MyFanClip by NFL Hall of Fame Quaterback Jim Kelly – Design Your Own MyFanClip

It all started when Jim Kelly’s friends noticed the clip that he uses instead of a wallet. Jim saw the potential and started where he sells team branded clips. Now with the help of the Doogma Designer™, Jim is also offering design-your-own clips and design-your-own packages. This is the perfect promotional product for corporates, teams, schools and other organizations.

As Superbowl season reaches fever pitch once again, a tidal surge of Dollars flow to merchants who offer fans an elevated spectator experience…

The challenge for many suppliers of fan based accessories is catering to vast numbers of teams and holding seasonal stock. is an innovative company creating team branded accessories for every possible team on the planet.

Using, users are able to design and finalize their order online in a way traditional methods could never achieve.

Why not design your own fan clip here:

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