Sports Equipment Designer Goes Live on CoreCommerce Site – Design Your Own Lacrosse Mesh Kit

Another first for the Doogma team, we’re now integrated with more live shopping carts than any other product Configurator solution. Our list of supported ecommerce platforms includes: 3Dcart, Volusion, Coresense, CoreCommerce, Prestashop and Magento. The latest site to enable customers to visually design products online Stick Doctor runs on the CoreCommerce shopping cart. Customers are now designing their own Lacrosse sticks with the Doogma Designer™ and purchase orders are processed and tracked using the CoreCommerce platform.

StickDoctor provided Doogma with an image of the Lacrosse sticks and a list of compatible laces and we did the rest.

Click here to see the Stick Doctor designer in action!

Click here to see the Stick Doctor designer in action!

At Doogma, we focus on creating the best possible user experience. With this particular product, users can quickly and easily navigate around the designer, in order to build their very own lacrosse mesh kits. And what’s more… with an extensive variety of colors and areas of the stick to customize, this makes for an exciting and fun experience. Users express their individuality by customizing the sticks.

Customers love to see in real-time exactly what they are creating whether customizing sporting apparel, jewellery or ladies’ handbags. This has proven time and time again to be an incredibly useful and effective tool for websites, as people love to actually see what they are buying. If users are able to be a part of the personalization process then the product will inevitably mean more to them. Users often “bond” with the item as they create their own unique version. In most cases the natural next step is to hit the Buy button.

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