Maddy Nash features on “The Today Show”!

Maddy Nash are the designer clutch purse company with a twist, offering customers the chance to actually create their very own bags, using our one-of-a-kind Doogma Designer™. When the perfect purses were showcased on the ever popular Today Show, in a variety of color styles and combinations, and the audience were simply loving what they saw!

Here are the pretty purses on display on The Today Show.

Here are the pretty purses on display on the hit daytime TV show.

With a large variety of the fashionable clutches to choose from, women have been going quite literally head over heels for these fabulous pieces. Where competitors may offer an array of colors in a particular clutch design, Maddy Nash goes that one step further. Not only can you choose the color of fabric for your purse, (whether it be the finest, high-quality textile or soft, long-lasting leather) there is the option to add some really unique personalizable elements such as a custom zipper and interior fabric. What’s more… the really special thing about the Maddy Nash customizable range is the fact that you can add your own personal touch by choosing the text in the label of your clutch. This allows for real individuality and ensures that no two people will be seen strutting down the street clutching the exact same purse. This will well and truly make you feel a million dollars! To get making your very own designer clutch purse today, visit the Maddy Nash website today at and don’t be afraid to express your individuality!

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