Viskey: allowing you and your company to reach out.

Viskey is an innovative way for companies to reach out to wider audiences, through the use of a personalized small USB card. These cards are specially designed to meet the specific requirements of your particular company, and allow potential clients to get to know a little bit more about what exactly you do, on an more innovative and interactive level. As they are incredibly easy to distribute, these little cards of information would work especially well as a promotional item, and may be given out to potential customers whenever and wherever you may choose.

Here is what the Viskey customizer will look like.

Start creating your company’s Viskey, today!

Doogma have created an incredibly user-friendly template for which you can use to design your specialized Viskey company card. Templates should be chosen based on what exact information you wish to share on the card. Different compositions can really make all the difference, so be sure to check out each version. Simply select the font you wish to choose, and enter all the appropriate information. Once this has been done, you are then free to take your pick of whichever colour combination you so desire. Both a ‘front’ and ‘back’ color must be chosen, in order to really make your Viskey stand out. However, if your company already has its own logo, or you wish to go for something a little bit different, then the option is there for you too. Simply click the ‘front upload’ or ‘back upload’ icon to transfer your very own graphics onto your Viskey. This is a sure way to really catch people’s attention. When you are happy with your creation, it’s time to put in your order. Choose the quantity of cards you wish to receive and purchase using the safe and secure ‘Buy Now’ button from PayPal.

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