Custom made caskets brought to you by Doogma.

Although no one enjoy the thought of life coming to an end, unfortunately this is an inevitable factor of life that we all must endure at some stage. As painful as the thought may be, plans must be put into action in order for life to move forwards once again.

Choosing an open casket is the perfect way to say goodbye to a departed one, on a more personal and intimate level, as you can actually have those all-important last few moments right by their side.

Here is how the customized casket designer will appear on the site.

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Doogma has developed a personalized customization toolbar to allow you to create whichever casket you require. The software is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to make quick and painless decisions at this difficult time.

As soon as you click on the Casket Designer you will be presented with a variety of options for your casket’s design and layout. Start the process by choosing the most suitable color for the exterior of the casket. Then, choose the best fitting interior color to compliment the outer design. There are a variety of shades to choose between, to ensure that there is the right color combination for you.

Now the main bulk of the casket has been selected, it is time to add any additional details you so desire. Some people feel that adding a little something extra will give the casket something of a personal touch. For instance, if you wish to add a customized head panel to the casket, there are an array of decals to choose from, such as an image of praying hands or birds flocking home.

On top of this, you can pick the appropriate hardware material to fit along the casket, such as gold, copper or rose. There is also the option to make the casket something truly special, by adding artistic elements to the design, such as shading and brushstrokes of your choosing. These elements will guarantee to show your loved one the truly special send-off they deserve.

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