Pimp your ride today, with Doogma’s specialized customizing tools.

Feel like changing up your ride a little? In need of something slightly more unique to make your pride and joy stand out from the rest? Well, today’s your lucky day!

With the use of the Doogma design configurator, you are now free to actually customize your vehicle, at a very affordable price. Go to the GraphicsRV Design Studio to start revamping your vehicle right away. Whatever you may drive, the option is there for you to start personalizing. Whether it be a truck, SUV, car, travel trailer or horse trailer, all can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.

This is exactly what you will see when clicking on the RV customizer.

Click here to try it out for yourself!

Once you have clicked on the relevant vehicle, it’s time to get creative and liven your beauty up.

Next, simply click on the size of graphics you think will look best on your RV. Bear in mind that a larger vehicle may not benefit from one of the smaller design additions, as it will add little to the overall look.

When the size of the graphics have been decided, it’s now time to decide what design of decal you wish to appear on your vehicle. The choices are well and truly endless. There is an extensive range of graphics to choose between on the site, so make sure to look at all the available patterns and colors. What’s more, if you wish to incorporate your own images, this is a possibility as well. Simply click on the ‘upload’ tab, and you are free to add any graphics you wish.

When the graphics have been chosen, the last stage is figuring out where exactly the design will look the best. This is where the personalization tools really come in handy, as you can visualize what the end product will look like. Spend time adjusting the size and shape of the graphics to see exactly where you want the design to be displayed. Just drag and drop the image in order to land at the perfect result.

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