Sell Custom Made Items Online – New Designers and Pricing Plans

Some of our best configurators

In the near future, we’ll officially be launching our new hosted solution. Learning from the best, we have understood that the most convenient way to offer new services on the Internet is to provide a hosted offering with a low monthly fee. This new solution means that adding an online configurator or designer to your site is now really easy. Send Doogma your images, we’ll prepare the online designer for you and we’ll provide you with a embed link that you can simply embed anywhere in your website. The link comes pre-integrated with Paypal checkout so your customers pay you directly to your paypal account.

As part of this new solution, we’re showing off some of the Designers that are currently in progress as well as some of the recent custom configurators we have provided to our customers. Please visit best-configurators and take a look at amongst others: our Jewelry Designer, Uniform Designer, Car Customizer, Shoe Customizer and Pen Designer.

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