The Mobile Shopping Movement and Product Customization

The Importance of Mobile Shopping and the Multiscreen Experience

TechCrunch says: eBay’s New iPad App Design Hints At Its E-Commerce Future

At Doogma, we were enthused to read about eBay’s new iPad App on TechCrunch. They’ve done everything from giving new meaning to the “e” in eCommerce with their renowned brand, and now they continue to recreate an innovative user experience for online mobile shoppers. eBay is taking the online one-stop-shop phenomenon to a new level of run, touch and go with their newest iPad App, launched in December of 2014.  Research is showing that the number of mobile shoppers saving their finds in their shortlisted basket of goodies and then buying on desktops later is consistently rising. This phenomenon has been labeled as “multiscreen shopping” by RJ Pittman, eBay’s Chief Product Officer, noting that over 59% of online shoppers are indeed multiscreen buyers.

“Over 30 percent of US shoppers and 50 percent of users globally are using phones and tablets to pick out ready to buy items instead of bidding on the e-commerce site,” states Pittman. eBay’s newest iPad app now offers an optimized mobile shopping experience, a cleaner and sleeker UI. “It delivers a better shopping experience for buyers and better merchandising capabilities for sellers.”

With Doogma’s core values and The Doogma Designer’s development founded on the concept of improving and changing the level of interaction, engagement and user experience for eCommerce shoppers and merchants,  Our SmartMobile solution came to fruition precisely for the same reasons, offering a responsive mobile version of the Doogma Designer™.

SmartMobile – The Doogma Designer™ On The Go

Doogma’s SmartMobile offers a fully responsive mobile product customization experience. Its development began when the Doogma team of experts recognized the significant growth in numbers of mobile online shoppers and eCommerce companies looking to offer unique and customizable products via mobile.  User experience always at the heart of our solution development, SmartMobile provides a sleek touch and feel navigation experience, endless options and all with the simplicity of swipe and touch functions.

Screenshot of SmartMobile UI w Instructions - Autonomy

The Doogma Designer™ Smartmobile UI in action, offering straightforward instructions for how to use the customizer with sleek swipe and touch options.

Screenshot of SmartMobile UI - Autonomy Designer

The final product – a customized guitar with its various features listed on the right, ranging from guitar orientation, machine heads, neck style, number of frets, color and more, all available with SmartMobile.

With statistics indicating that the numbers of mobile and multiscreen shoppers continuing to grow, it’s no surprise that the level of interest for a mobile customization solution is reaching all-time highs. If Pittman’s statistical statements and eBay’s new iPad App are predictive indicators of market trends, the mobile product customization demand is by no means a passing trend. And speaking of trending….

Social Networks & eCommerce Sites: An Increasing Fine Line With Over 50 Shades of Grey in Between

Many eCommerce providers and companies with a strong online presence are leaning towards creating a site, solution or platform that emulates and/or integrates social media network features, classic UI options, and an interactive visitor and user experience. A few of the most popular social media platforms offer functions to share posts, share finds, like items or posts, potentially creating a viral reaction of shared media within a condensed huddle of possibly likeminded fans of similar products. The social media fever and the growing desire to share finds, designs and personal experiences and insights with others is heating up daily.

Doogma is happy to be a part of an incredible opportunity to let users and merchants share their Doogma Designer feats. We plan that at any stage in the design process, users customizing products with The Doogma Designer™, can save and share their designs on various social media fronts, sharing their unique customization experience and results.  eCommerce merchants offering outstanding features can now freely flaunt what they offer to the social media world, with their customers exhibiting their creations via social media on their behalf, potentially inspiring the need and fervor for others to customize their own products online.

Screenshot of SmartMobile UI - Promodz

SmartMobile in action, this screenshot displaying the mobile customization experience of gaming controllers by Promodz Custom Controllers, our client.  Sharing on social is simple.

While initially scheduled for Q1 of 2015, the eBay team launched the iPad app early to evaluate the potential impact it had on sales and user experience during the busy holiday season of 2015. Can you blame them? Using machine technology to gather data on visitor activity, eBay utilizes relevant data populated on the front end, offering a user experience that’s relevant and targeted to each user’s existing interests and online activity. Pittman indicates that this setup offers an end result that’s similar in notion to a Pinterest board.

Survey Says: Keep Users Online and Shopping More with Great User Experience

The ultimate objective of any eCommerce merchant is simple: give shoppers what they want. eBay is creating a mobile venue to increase visitor duration periods and “browsing” time, a means for emulating the carefree in-store window shopping experience that can often lead to increased sales sizes and multiple item purchases.  Frankly, we couldn’t agree more that the power of user engagement and interaction is a highly critical factor in the buying process of online shoppers in today’s fast-paced digital world.

The success of many eCommerce businesses now more than ever lays in much more than just offering a great product. How you present your product in the online world, the ease of use and your site’s ability to engage users in the buying process could indeed make or break a deal. We’re excited to be a part of new age of disruptive and stimulating technology that does in fact offer the ability to engage shoppers on a personal and truly custom level.  The Doogma Designer™ and its SmartMobile version make product customization and online shopping much more than a swipe and touch experience. Our customization technology offers a plethora of options, a product all your own and all available on the go, at your desk while having lunch, or maybe even both within a day. Whoever the shopper, whatever their lifestyle needs, we have a customization solution for you to offer customers to ensure product customization is simplified and sexy.

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